The documentation below is mostly concerned with the design and commissioning phases of ULTRACAM, and is hence relatively old. If you require access to any of the password-protected links, please contact Vik Dhillon or Tom Marsh.

ULTRACAM grant proposals
and contracts  grants and contracts
posters, talks and publications
advertising ultracam  ULTRACAM posters, talks and publications
requirements and goals for ultracam  requirements document
minutes/reports of meetings and 
teleconferences at UKATC and elsewhere  minutes of ULTRACAM meetings
Information on ULTRACAM's 
Marconi CCD47-20 detectors  Marconi CCD47-20 information
presentation given by DJI at UKATC on 10/03/2000  presentation given by DJI at UKATC on 10/03/2000
optical design for ULTRACAM 
from Tully Peacocke (UKATC)  ULTRACAM optical design
David Atkinson's (UKATC) report on 
thermo-electric cooling of ULTRACAM's CCD chips  report on thermo-electric cooling of ULTRACAM CCDs
David Atkinson's (UKATC) CCD head design
 and CCD orientation stuff  CCD head design and CCD orientation
draft mechanical designs for ULTRACAM 
by Mark Stevenson (Sheffield)  draft mechanical designs
draft dichroic specifications for 
ULTRACAM  dichroic specifications
CCD window 
specifications for ULTRACAM  CCD window specifications
stuff on ARISTARCHOS - the 
new Greek 2.3-m telescope  ARISTARCHOS stuff
ghosts in ULTRACAM  ghosts in ULTRACAM
observing time proposals for ULTRACAM  commissioning time proposals for ULTRACAM
ULTRACAM cabling and rack
requirements  ULTRACAM cabling and rack requirements
documentation for ULTRACAM critical 
design review at UKATC on 23/05/2001  documentation for CDR on 23/05/2001
data files and plots of the ULTRACAM AR 
coatings provided by CVI Technical Optics  AR coatings
SDSS filters: specifications, plots
 and data files  SDSS filters
successful proposals for telescope time with ULTRACAM  successful proposals for telescope time with ULTRACAM