Following two runs on the ESO 3.6m in 2006 and 2008, ULTRASPEC was moved to the 3.5m NTT at La Silla, since the EFOSC2 spectrograph on which we mounted ULTRASPEC was moved by ESO to this new telescope. The third ULTRASPEC run, composed of 22 nights of science time, took place during the period 2009 June 9-30. As with the previous two ULTRASPEC runs on EFOSC2, this run was primarily spectroscopic, although it was also possible to perform imaging observations by removing the grisms and slits. The links below provide some additional information about operating ULTRASPEC on the NTT as opposed to the ESO 3.6m.


  1. ULTRASPEC wavelength range, resolution and pixel scale
  2. ULTRASPEC imaging ETC
  3. ULTRASPEC spectroscopy ETC (unfinished)
  4. Photos of ULTRASPEC on the NTT
  5. Some example science publications based on ULTRASPEC+ESO3.6m and ULTRASPEC+NTT data: