In an emergency, e.g. the dome is open and the power or internet connection goes down, please phone one of the following people:
  • Richard Wilson: +44 7714......
  • Tim Butterley: +44 7900 ......
  • Vik Dhillon: +44 7766......
  • Stuart Littlefair: +44 7725......
They will contact the ING and sort it out. If they're unavailable and you need to contact the ING yourself, try one of the following numbers (adding "34" to all numbers if calling from a UK phone, and a "0" to get a line from an internal ING phone):

  • The ops team leader on the day, on their mobile phone. This will be either Juerg Rey: (+616 974...), Servando Rodriguez (+606 632...), Renee Pit (+606 708...) or Alan Chopping (+609 332...).
  • WHT control room: +922 405.../425....
  • Residencia reception: +922 405... (they should be able to put you through to a member of ING staff).
  • The WHT Telescope Operator (or "TO", although they are now referred to as the "OSA", for "Observing Support Assistant"). They start work 1 hour before sunset and can be reached on their mobile phone: +616 974.... Note that the OSA's mobile is silenced while sleeping.
  • The OSA should be the first point of contact at night. They can be contacted either in the WHT control room, their mobile phone, or via the residencia reception - see above for the numbers.
  • The residencia reception should be able to put you through to any members of the ING staff who are up that night - see above for the number. Note that the reception is staffed until 19:00.
  • The residencia's night porter, who works 19:00-24:00 and is then sleeping but on call for emergencies until 09:00. They can be contacted on their mobile phone: +609 554... between 19:00-09:00 (outside these hours their mobile phone is left with the residencia receptionist). 
  • Juerg Rey has also said he is happy to be called at any time on his mobile phone in case of emergency - see number above.
Useful documentation in emergencies: