optical design
 primary mirror
 hyperbolic, 500mm diameter
 secondary mirror
 hyperbolic,180mm diameter (incl baffle)
 glass/coating low-expansion borosilicate glass with  enhanced aluminium coating (>96% reflectivity) and SiO2 protective overcoating
 system focal length
 focal ratio
 platescale 41.25 arcsec/mm
 optical quality
 1/5 lambda ptv, 1/30 lambda rms (whole system)


 latitude 28 45 38.3 N
 longitude 17 52 53.9 W
 altitude 2332m (ground floor of WHT, but dome is on the roof)
 dome 12ft non-rotating clamshell
 mount direct-drive, zero-backlash german equatorial
 slew speed
 20 degree/sec
 all-sky pointing accuracy
 <5 arcsec
 blind-offset accuracy
 <1 arcsec
 tracking accuracy
 <1 arcsec/120 min

science ccd:

 detector Kodak KAF-3200ME CCD
 format 2184x1472 image pixels
 pixel size
 6.8 microns / 0.28 arcsec/pixel
 fov 10.2x6.9 arcmin
 qe UBVRI: 40/70/80/80/50% approx
 full well depth
 55000 e-, no anti-blooming
 dark current
 <0.5e- at 0 degC, <0.05e- at -25 degC
 readout noise
 cte >0.99999
 gain 1.3 e-/ADU
 adc 16 bits
 dead time
 <8 sec full-frame unbinned
 shutter mechanical, 0.03 sec to 240 min
 integral filter wheel
 5-position, 1.25 inch filters
 tec cooling
 to -40 degC


 detector ICX248AL EXview HAD CCD
 format 795x596 image pixels
 pixel size
 9 microns / 32.6 arcsec/pixel
 fov 7.2x5.4 degrees
 adc 10 bits